PIXEL - a piece of tomorrow today
Low Emission + Big Statement

To be awarded the highest Green Star score ever awarded by the GBCA is an outstanding achievement, and this award pays tribute to Grocon’s devotion to sustainable building practices.

George Bej, Marketing Manager – The Laminex Group

Pixel is a unique corner building that makes a clear and bold business statement to any visitor or passer-by which cannot be replicated anywhere in Melbourne. In addition to its street presence and world-class accommodation, it also makes a clear corporate statement about a future occupant’s commitment to sustainability and socially responsible business values.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a key consideration for businesses all over the world. In crowded marketplaces, companies strive for a unique selling proposition that can separate them from the competition. CSR can play a role in building customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values as businesses benefit from building a reputation for integrity and best practice.

Future proofing is about anticipating and adapting to change, rather than simply reacting to change. By occupying a green building, businesses can future proof against escalating energy and water prices. A green building can also protect a business from future changes to the business and regulatory environment. With governments increasingly mandating green principles and energy efficiency requirements, going green early make good business sense.